Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pictures from 4th May weekend

Taken with a camera phone as I can't find my camera:

Rear sidings, 0-6-0 Diesel shunter at the head of a goods train with Crepello on the front of a rake of Pullman coaches.
The damage to the shunter still hasn't been repaired but coupled up in this fashion it was hard to see the missing chunk of bodywork and rear buffer.

Co-Bo heading the mail train.

Steam sidings and Diesel sidings in the  background. The Diesel sidings are a new addition as we added the new, wider base boards during the last maintenance session.

Impressive line up of steam, while the repainted Southern 4MT 2-6-4 rushes round the corner.
All of these locos worked!

Same view, the EMU is parked in the far siding taking a break.

The Bachmann DMU, by this time the two carriages had been cable tied together!

Another view of the Diesel sidings, viewed from the front of the layout.

Taken from the same spot, the switches control the points, signals and track isolation through the main station.

Better view of the switch panel, each track through the station has two isolated sections.

Goods train waits in the isolated section, it's parked behind a passenger service. There is another line immediately to the right which can't be seen here. The 2 EPB's also wait at the signal while the mail train goes for a spin.

Co-Bo approaching with the mail. (mailbag waiting on the hook)

Front view of the EPB from the track.

Two of the Four running rails through the station, green signal ahead.

Waiting for the mail train...

Other side of the main station, the rear of the green EPB on the left. The passenger service on the right is parked up with the goods train immediately behind it.

Twin EPB's wait for a green signal, priority still for the mail train.

Better view of the main station. There's a footbridge and level crossing to come...

Nice to have all the steam locos out.

Looks a bit sparse here but several of the Diesel locos were out on duty elsewhere on the layout. The Two A3 controllers on the right control the two running loops. All the track in the siding here is loose-laid.

Rear station. The line occupied by the Pullman can be accessed from either running rails via the points and crossover in the distance.

Pointwork and crossover at the end of the station.

Canadian Pacific - the most expensive item in my collection, was used very carefully throughout the weekend and performed well. Due to its cost and condition it doesn't get much use.

DMU, SR EMU & Pullman Express having a rest.

Can't see the damage to the shunter!

Same position, the shunter's been joined by the other goods train, the Pullman has been moved into the siding and the 0-6-0 has been just backed in the coaches to make the 10 car rake (which it couldn't pull)

Two Class 20 Bo-Bo's making light work of a 10 coach train.

The portable layout. 10ft x 16ft of toy train porn.

The rear station and sidings viewed from outside the layout with the Two Bo-Bo's flying through the station.

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