Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pictures from 3 & 4 November weekend

Old & new - the Bachmann 2EPB ran faultlessly all weekend. Here it's lined up next to the Dublo SR EMU, with Dorchester to the left, next to that Bo-Bo D8000 waits to leave with a goods train, Bristol Castle heads up the TPO coaches and finally the Bachmann 4CEP is in the background.

The road to the far right is way too close to the edge of the board and will be removed before the next run.

Dorchester waiting to take power

Dorchester from the other side of the tracks, the back of the goods train and TPO set also visible, although the goods train had shed its guards van!

Rear view of the Bachmann 4CEP

Same location. The road the CEP is parked in turned out to be practically un-usable due to too may twists & turns entering and exiting so a revamp is needed.

Waiting for a clear signal

Illuminated and ready to go

The sidings and turntable, with newly streamlined entry avoiding some of the twists & turns that had been installed previously. Sadly the girder bridge didn't arrive in time, which resulted in the piece of track in the foreground crossing the two board sections unsupported.

The far right track section has now been removed along with the crossovers and several sets of points. The twin curves will simply shift over to the left by 1 track and turn what is currently a long siding into the inside running loop, with the current inside loop becoming the outside loop (make sense?)

The many points and crossovers proved problematic, there are more points and crossovers installed further down on this section and derailments / stalling were common, even with proper Dublo stock.

Lined up in the sidings - Diesel shunter, 0-6-2 shunter, Bachmann class 25, Cardiff Castle (with broken coupling) and 8F 
Zoomed out view, with the non-functioning Co-Bo

Different angle

Main station layout again - 6 roads but will be streamlined shortly

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