Monday, 23 September 2013

Pictures from Blandford show, September 21st & 22nd

Turntable leading to the steam loco sidings

All the steam locos lined up, with Canadian Pacific in the foreground.
The only loco that didn't move all weekend was Cardiff Castle, which still has a broken coupling.

Brighton Belle sits in one of the sidings.
The three centre cars are Dublo Pullman coaches but looked reasonable sandwiched between the two driving trailers.

The two Bachmann EPBs.
Both ran without fault over the old three rail track.

The station end with the newly extended and repainted platforms (main station building still needs the windows & doors painted)
A pair of Class 20 Bo-Bo's pulling the oil tankers while my newly restored 2-6-4 tank with its shiny LMS body hauls the mail train.

New addition, Royal Scots Grey sits in the siding with the other class 20/

My new, bespoke four track level crossing at the end of the main station.
Dorchester hauls a rake of Southern green coaches while one of the Co-Bo Metrovicks hauls an 8 coach train.
The back of the goods train and mail train also in the foreground.

Old vs New.
Dublo SR EMU and Bachmann class 105 sit in another siding.
The EMU saw regular use throughout the weekend, stopping only briefly due to a broken wire.

Another station view, from the other side of the layout with the newly modified footbridge.
Slight colour difference with the new level crossing that I may address at some point.

Co-Bo Metrovick at the head of its train with Dorchester to the right.

Layout viewed from the front looking down along the sidings and turntable area.
Two A3 controllers for the main loops with another A3 controller further along which controls all the sidings.

Front view of the main station area.

Looking at the back of the layout towards the front.
For a bit of fun, we coupled two of the Deltics together and hauled 17 coaches. The head of the train and the rear of the same train are visible here.

Rear station as the 17 coach train passes through.
The EMU has now moved to one of the platforms while the Brighton Belle takes a rest in the sidings along with the Diesel shunter and a small rake of wagons.

Another view of the steam sidings.
The GWR green 2-6-4  is another recent project, now in full working order.
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